The Millennium Group, Inc.
About the Millennium Group
The Millennium Group, Incorporated was founded in 1998 by two accounting professionals combined their 40 years of experience assisting small business owners and medical professionals with organizational and accounting needs.

Financial information management and retrieval becomes more complex every day. There's plenty of opportunities to take advantage of available information and technology, but without insightful interpretation, technology will never take the place of experience.

Business owners make critical decisions every day about how and where to spend their money, often without the benefit of sound financial data. The Millennium Group provides professional assistance at reasonable prices.

Our professionals offer a wide range of skills and we continually review technological advances in software and hardware to ensure that we can offer you the latest technology, accross the street, across the nation. We can offer top skills and individualized services. Remember, it's too late to start when tax bill is due.


Overwhelmed? The Millennium Group can help!

Providing business and health
care professionals with
responsible and reliable
business accounting
and billing services

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