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The Millennium Group are professionals that understand the world of debits and credit, how to construct a balance sheet from scratch, organize your papers and receipts, and what you should save or what you can throw away.

If there's guerrilla accounting, small businesses and professionals are in the trnch. You need a seasoned pro to oversee your day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping operations so your records are ready for your CPA at tax time.

In addition, we continuously review advances in software and hardware to ensure that we can offer you the latest technology, whether is it electronic billinb via email or electronic bill paying.

Medical and Mental Health care professionals especially need straff who understand the dynamics of inpaitnet billing and differences in Managed Care Insurances. At the Millennium Group we are continuously monitoring the industry to keep up-to-date with any changes.

Financial information retrival and management becomes more complex each day. While opportunites abound that will take advantage of technology, technology alone can't resolve the problem. These solutions require staff with the experience and time to manage the technology.

But professionals must make critical decisions daily about how and where to spend their resources, often without the benefit of sound financial data.

Pro-active information management is the only solution. Making important financial decisions based on misinformation can spell financial disaster. You can't change a bad decision after it has negatively impacted your cash flow.

How are your financial records? Has financial reporting been relegated to a low slot on your priority list?

It's time for you to take action!

The Millennium Group believes that good financial management of your operations and records created as a result of day-to-day operations is critical for a successful business or professional practice.

Our in-house services provide a wide variety of business and professional services and provide a cost effective alternative to hiring expensive on site staff.

With sound financial data in hand to help you plot your course, we help you manage, grow, and navigate successfully through the pitfalls of today's competitive business and professional environment.


Overwhelmed? The Millennium Group can help!
Overwhelmed? The Millennium Group can help!

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